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The rules of the forum account

The forum username of member is like the member's image at the forum. Once successfully registered a new account, it cannot be changed or deleted. So, before register as CARI member, users need choose your username carefully, this will affect your credits and records in the forum.
After user successfully registered as a member, shall be confidential to maintain the account password, if found any unauthorized use of your account, you need inform the forum administrator immediately. Forum will not accept any responsibility for any loss or harm of who cannot comply with this rule.

The rules related forum account:

  1. Prohibit any words which including commercial advertising effectiveness. For example, store, forum, website, .com, .net, and so on.
  2. Prohibit any pornography, violence, abuse, foul language and other indecent words.
  3. Prohibit use any sensitive account which will causing confusion, pretend or defame to others.
  4. Prohibit any similar account.
  5. Prohibit any coalition, familial, party, group or organization account, such as: xx party, xx organization and so on.
  6. Any account will impact to the forum, management team have the right to estimate, or instantly delete it.




  1. 禁止含间接商业广告名称、链接、联络:如论坛、网站、.com、.net等类推
  2. 禁止任何色情、暴力、辱骂、粗口、等不雅字眼
  3. 禁止任何引起混淆或敏感性账号,包括针对性、冒用、及诋毁他人帐号。
  4. 禁止相似或近相似帐号。
  5. 禁止联盟,家族式,党,派或组织帐号,如:xx党,xx公会等类推。
  6. 任何对论坛会造成影响的账号,管理层有权加以评估和即刻加以刪除。

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